Using Your Superannuation

There are several ways to fund your surgery…. Adding the cost to your mortgage as the rates are so low , payment plans through our recommended finance companies or even funding through your superannuation. Yes it is possible to have your superannuation fund release money on medical grounds but this takes planning and timing and patience.

Using Your Superannuation To Fund Your Life Changing Weightloss Surgery

The Australian Taxation Office (Kiwisaver in NZ) can allow you to draw on funds for severe medical conditions and with supporting medical documentation. So generally if you are obese or suffering from a serious weight-related illnesses your GP and/or specialist can assist you to have you funds released allowing you to have your life changing surgery now rather than later.
It is a fairly simply process but we advise you to start the application as soon as possible and a few investigative phone calls are well worth the investment before you make claim or lodge your application.
ABA can assist you by having your treating surgeon complete Letters of Recommendation or completing the necessary portion of the application form. You should also seek financial advice before proceeding.

The Early Release Process

You will first need a MvGov account –

MyGov is the central hub for all Australian Government Departments. You will need to have a MyGov Account as it is the starting point from where you can add various governmental services that are relevant to your needs. Create your own MyGov Account by visiting the link below.

First register and then add Centrelink services so that you can complete the online application for the early release of your SF. You will need your Centrelink Customer Registration Number (CRN). This is usually found on any letters sent to you by Centrelink. If you do not have a CRN you will need to go to a Centrelink office and register for one. Remember that you will need 100 points of ID (primary and secondary documentation). More information on 100 points is on the site. While you are there you can ask them to assist you to link your Centrelink account to your MyGov account. Once you have Centrelink linked to your MyGov account you can apply.

Making Your Application

Go to the ATO website and follow the instructions below. It is a great investment to give them a call first – they are very helpful –

These instructions are for Australian residents only. There is a similar process for New Zealand residents. Let us know if you need guidance and we will arrange for some assistance for you. Please do let us know if you need your surgeons Letter of Support, dated Medical Certificate before you lodge.