We take your privacy seriously

ABA are proud of our reputation and of our service excellence. As part of your booking with us and our commitment to you it is compulsory that you read and acknowledge our Privacy Policy below.

Privacy Policy

There are guidelines that organisations such as ABA must comply with. The Privacy Act covers Australian Government agencies and organisations as well as private business.

We have listed links here that are relevant to how we must deal with the information you share with us and it is important that we make this information available and accessible to you.

For further information please follow these direct links to assist you to understand how we deal with your information.

ABA needs to collect your private medical details to enable us to seek medical advice for you. Your information is collected via a secured website and forwarded directly to ABA. We collate your medical records and forward this information directly to the necessary surgeon and his direct team. Your information is only shared with this doctor, their medical team, and the hospital where you will have your treatment. Please read principle 8 which covers sending your information to a body overseas.

At the time of collecting your information you must agree to our terms and conditions and electronically sign a consent form before submitting your records to us.

We do not share your medical records with anyone who is not a necessary participant in your medical treatment.

We do not share, forward or disclose to any third party your private records or contact details.

Your records are stored in our private data base (cloud secured) and your file is destroyed after 7 years.

This information is for guidance purposes and if you have any concerns please contact us directly.