Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is a term given in which people who live in one country and travel to another country to undertake surgical, medical, dental or cosmetic care.

Companies that specialise in medical tourism are usually associated with specialist boutique styled hospitals, and also have connections to travel services.

Why Is Medical Travel becoming popular?

Medical Travel is usually an option for people who want a procedure but cannot afford the surgery in the country of residence. Patients can also be on long waiting lists due to their own country's health system. Even those people with the highest level of health cover will find themselves with out of pocket costs that aren't covered.

Why is Asia a good option for my surgery?

Hospitals that cater to both local and foreign communities, with international medical standards in world-class facilities at reasonable and affordable prices coupled with warm hospitality, makes Asia an ideal option, a favourite health & wellness destination, offering a combination of natural beauty, pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, shopping and five star tropical spas and resorts to complete your experience. Malaysia is one of the top preferred surgery destinations for Australian's and New Zealanders alike. Bali offers a combination of natural beauty, pristine.

Are the surgeons and specialists educated and trained enough?

Of course. Equate it to a pilot who flies a plane. Different airlines and countries but all the same standard and training. This allows a pilot to work for different airline companies. Many staff have either trained or previously worked in the U.S., Europe or Australia, and a vast majority speak English fluently. Each surgeon is member to the the Society of their Speciality of their respective countries and these official organisations ensure that each surgeons has trained and practice their specialty in accordance with the professional standards and ethics of the society.

Are the surgeons and specialists educated and trained enough?

Of course. Equate it to a pilot who flies a plane. Different airlines and countries but all the same standard and training. This allows a pilot to work for different airline companies. Many staff have either trained or previously worked in the U.S., Europe or Australia, and a vast majority speak English fluently. Each surgeon is member to the The Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of  their respective countries and these official organisations ensure that each surgeons has trained and practice their specialty in accordance with the professional standards and ethics of the society.

Are the Hospitals up to date with the Western World in terms of facilities and technology?

Many hospitals are corporately owned and are making investments in equipment and technology therefore will often exceed expectations of care and comfort. Some hospitals have even made names for themselves as world class research centres and are associated with well-respected hospitals in Australia. The hospitals look as luxurious as five star hotel resorts.

Are the Hospitals regulated and controlled with accreditations etc?

All of our hospitals meet the most stringent world health regulations and standards. Many having been awarded as the International Hospital of the Year. Many of the reputed hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), as well as Australian Standards which certifies through painstaking periodic inspections, to ensure that procedures and practices meet demanding standards.

What about the quality of the facilities, rooms, nurses, staff?

Again all staff meet international standard as do all of the facilities. Each hospital has a special International division to look after the needs of international patients and is renowned for exceptional quality and service. With a low nurse to patient ratio, patients can expect to receive a high level of personal care and attention.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. You will be given full costing up front. In addition to having a lower fee for a procedure, overseas hospitals are willing to provide upfront fee estimates. More complicated surgeries will initially still be estimates. This openness is perfect for overall planning purposes when comparing options. Your surgical quote will cover the cost of the procedure; initial consultation fee, surgeon, surgical fee, anaesthesia fee, operating room, nurses and nurse care, medications and pain killers, inpatient hospital room, meals, follow-up care till discharge and final consultation before departure.

Can I have more than one procedure?

You can have more than one procedure as long as this is arranged at the time of booking. As there will be other patients scheduled before and after your allocated theatre times, additional procedures at the time of surgery are discouraged and will only be available if time permits. Package deals can be a great time and money saver. Whilst the most popular options and packages are cosmetic and dental, there is a growing market for wellness and anti-ageing, health screening, bariatric surgery and other medical procedures.

Can I go with friends or in a group?

While you can take along a companion or friend you will not be on your own if you travel alone. This can be a comforting scenario for single people or for those who have never travelled abroad before. It's also a great way to make new friends and experience a wonderful, life changing time together.

Is there a waiting period?

All bookings are subject to availability and demand. Most surgeries can be scheduled within a few weeks, pending availability of the surgeon and your time. If you want a position on a group tour and it has already been booked you will be offered another tour date or the option of single travel. Ideally you should allow a minimum of 12 weeks to make your arrangements.

Where do I recuperate or do I go home straight away?

You will generally have a 2 night stay in hospital and then be discharged into ABA care to recuperate at your accommodation. You are required to stay a specified length of time as deemed by your surgeon for recovery, checkups, affec healing (suture removal), infection checks and final consult before returning home. This time depends on the type of procedure you are having. You will have the opportunity to recuperate in a relaxing, calm and beautiful environment, free from ringing phones, day to day responsibilities and stresses that envelope modern day living at home. Being away from home can give you a break and allow you to relax and concentrate on a good recovery.

Is there a doctor at home for follow up?

If you have advised and discussed with your GP or physician that you will be travelling abroad for treatment they should always be available for you upon return. There should never be any reason for your GP or physician to deny medical service (for whatever reason). Otherwise, if you do not have a regular GP or physician, we do have arrangements with some surgeons in Australia who will be able to assist you if needed. You will also be contacted by our Post Care Consultant with your follow up care or advice.

What about the risks of travelling abroad for treatment?

Any kind of surgical treatment at home or abroad, will entail risk. No matter how painstakingly hospitals follow and meet the procedure and practices certification criteria, advanced technology and facilities with highly trained, educated and skilled surgeons with impeccable credentials and staff, there will always be an element of risk. As a medical tourist, risks can always be managed with good planning, research, knowledge and overall, always being careful and follow the surgeons post surgery care instructions. All these will help make your experience a rewarding and healthy one.

What are the potential savings?

One of the greatest factors in the popularity of medical tourism is cost. You are able to access the highest calibre of surgeons and facilities at a cost that would not be available to you here in Australia. This cost differential is not due to lack of quality, but primarily because a good portion of health care is not tied up in bureaucracy, administrative and insurance systems and paperwork etc. (Also, every country has different levels of pricing structures no matter what you are purchasing). Travel is much cheaper these days also, so because of the reduced costs overall, it may be feasible for you to bring along a friend or family member.

What about Medical Travel coverage?

Medical Travel coverage will generally not cover any elective or cosmetic procedures, at home or abroad. Medical tourism offers a solution for people in all financial situations as the cost of treatment can be greatly reduced sometimes by up to ninety percent. Furthermore through Global Protective Solutions we offer travel accident coverage for the medical tourist including medical /dental complications coverage, and coverage for travel companion(s).

What about elective surgery or cosmetic procedures?

Women are naturally more focused on their appearance, however various surveys over the last few years indicate about 85% of men believe that personal appearance plays a role in their professional success and advancement, therefore, there is an increase and interest in cosmetic surgery among men. So guys, why not - at least you can recover in peace and return rejuvenated!
After weightloss you may require skin excision and this is a different approach to cosmetic surgery.

What is the difference between a Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Surgeon?

The terms "plastic/reconstructive surgery," and "cosmetic surgery" are not interchangeable. Plastic or Reconstructive Surgery is a specialist surgical craft involved in the restoration or improvement of human form and function. Surgeons are trained, experienced and qualified to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face and all areas of the body. Because many cosmetic procedures are rooted in reconstructive plastic surgery, a thorough training in reconstructive plastic surgical techniques forms the appropriate background for a plastic surgeon to proceed with training in Cosmetic/Aesthetic Surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is also known as "aesthetic plastic surgery" and is an elective surgery known for improving aesthetic physical appearances. The cosmetic surgeon's training and practical experiences making them qualified to perform cosmetic procedures such as Botox, laser surgery, and tumescent liposuction. Cosmetic surgery has become an increasingly important part of Plastic Surgery as new surgical techniques and sophisticated anaesthesia enables surgery to be safely undertaken for the improvement of personal appearance.

Can I do it all myself?

Deciding which procedure you would love to have is the easy part. What comes next are generally the biggest stumbling blocks and considerations for potential patients, as it will primarily involve hours of time spent researching the destination, hospitals, surgeons, bookings and appointments with hospitals and surgeons, paperwork, sending medical records (if applicable) and photographs, payments, how much time to allow away, flights and accommodation (pre and post /recovery accommodation), handling any travel mishaps, post surgery activities, transfers etc.
Medical Travel can be complicated and time consuming if you make your plans yourself. ABA works closely with the hospitals, specialists and resorts, whilst always keeping your best interests and safety in mind.

My questions is not here !!

Then please complete the enquiry form located on our contacts page and we'll get back to you.


  • TH, Perth WA
    Bali 2017

    Hi Michele, The tummy tuck was the best thing I have ever done. It has given me a new surge with life, regarding nutrition, well being and fitness. My recovery down time was exactly like you said. I am 8 weeks post op, I have taken it easy, like instructed, and now I am getting back to training to where I was before. The hospital and staff in Bali were awesome, and very professional. I am keeping in contact with a few of the nurses (via Instagram). This is a decision I am very pleased I went with. I was a little nervous at first, but thanks to Michele for her thorough information, and any questions I had, the whole transition was very smooth. So Thankyou Michele, you are a game changer!!

  • PM, Melbourne Vic
    Breast Augmentation
    KL 2016

    I chose Absolute Bariatric Asia when I met Michele at the Every Woman Expo in 2015. I'd wanted to get breast augmentation for about 20 years but was too scared. That changed when I met Michele. I immediately felt comfortable and excited at the prospect of going through with surgery. I was reassured and informed right from the get go and 6 months later I arrived in KL. My customer support lady was the best and we are still firm friends. The surgeon made me feel supported in my decision and I was treated with care and professionalism at all times. I cannot speak highly enough of everyone that was involved in my journey. I am extremely happy with the results and cannot speak highly enough of Michele and her team.

  • CF, Melbourne Vic
    Bariatric Surgery
    KL 2016

    I cannot thank yourself, Rosalind, Dr. Tikfu Gee and his team enough for your major roll in my new life and the future I now have before me. The whole experience has been so easy with your help guiding me through the process here of payments and paperwork and completely organising everything with the doctors, hospital and accommodation over there. All I had to do was show up!

  • A & E, YS Melbourne Vic
    Breast Surgery KL 2013

    I had previously been to PCMC and found the hospital to be absolutely amazing. My treatment there was just fantastic. Results perfect. The staff truly cared so much for me. I'll be back.

  • CL Melbourne Vic
    Breast Surgery KL 2013

    We went to PCMC (mother and daughter) when my daughter had surgery as I wanted to view the facilities for myself - Wow, nothing like we have here in Australia for a private hospital. Although I was not a patient I was blown away by the service and attention that was given to my daughter (ML). I would highly recommend anyone to PCMC. Wonderful staff, nursing and surgeons. Also Absolute Beauty staff were just the best. Thank you Michele - very caring and thorough person.

  • G, Melbourne Vic
    Dental Treatments 2013

    Thank you ABA for all your help when I had my dental procedures done at BIMC. I am so happy with my results. BIMC - Fantastic. Natalie Fantastic. Michele Fantastic. ABA left no stone unturned and the attention and level of service was exceptional.

  • AS, International
    Multiply Surgery KL 2013

    My attention, care and support at PCMC 110%, surgical results and skills 120%, Absolute Bariatric Asia 150% - so on the ball. No secrets, tell it as it is surgery and the kindness and support that was given during my recovery and return - spot on. Highly recommended. Don't leave anything to chance. You can go cheap and cheerful or go where your health and well being really mean something. Well done ABA. Thank you Michele.

  • SH WA
    Breast Surgery Phuket 2013

    Thank you for making everything work out so well for me in such a short space of time. I can't believe the change in how I look - I am so pleased as is a much relieved husband. Everything went like clockwork. PIAC was fabulous, surgeon excellent and of course my support person Unchulee was so wonderful. I would highly recommend using ABA. The follow ups, txts, emails and calls - never left in the dark or worried. Should have done it sooner.

  • AM, Kuala Lumpur
    Male Liposuction KL 2014

    I recently had my surgery with Dr Yap at Prince Court Medical Centre in KL. ABA made the entire process flow so smoothly. Michele spent time answering all my questions and directed me to literature to ensure I knew exactly what my surgery entailed. At not one point did I feel pressured to go ahead if I didnt want to - in fact on the morning of the procedure the surgeon again (Dr Yap) told me that if I was unsure I could walk away with a complete refund. This really was about patient satisfaction. Michele kept in contact during the arranging...

  • HAP, NT
    Breast Lift & Breast Surgery KL 2014

    I have just had a breast lift and augmentation with Dr Yap and his team. They are the most amazing , professional group of people and have given me outstanding results. The Prince Court Medical Centre Hospital is also the most amazing hospital have ever set foot in. It is more like a 5 Star Hotel and the only time it ever smelt like a hospital was when I was attending theatre. I have been visiting the team daily for a week and still have few more follow ups until i return home, but have enjoyed there amazing VIP treatment. My experience...

  • JA, WA
    Face/Neck Lift, Rhinoplasty Phuket 2104

    Thank you Michele for all your energy into making my plans fall into place. You worked so hard with such care compassion and honesty to make sure I got all the information I needed to make the right decisions. Meeting with you was so lovely - yes you do as you say you will and never let me down. I cant wait to see my final results - yes I know, be patient !! Very happy to refer clients to both you and to PIAC.

  • JP, NSW
    Breast Surgery Phuket 2014

    I have had many dealings with ABA, Michele and her staff overseas. I am more than happy to recommend them to my friends, family and anyone considering having surgery overseas. Caring, professional, upfront and honest. Thank you for making a difference in my life and for my wonderful new assets.

  • W & K F, Melbourne
    Dental Implants KL 2014

    I was a dental patient at Imperial Dental Specialist Centre in March 2014 and both me and my wife had treatments. I would just like to thank Dr How and his staff for the excellent, friendly and professional service that was given to us while we were at their centre. Every aspect of our visit was 10/10 - excellent,excellent, excellent !! I have been recommending to all of my family and friends to go to KL to have their tretment done at IDSC. Michele at ABA made all of our arrangements and I have just met with her to tell her how happy and impressed we both are...

  • MW, Melbourne
    Abdominoplasty, Liposuction Bali 2014

    Hi my name is MW my story starts a long time ago. I was a bigger girl when I fell pregnant but after having my son by c-section, I was left with a large apron of skin. Even though I walked everywhere and exercised, that left over skin just wouldn't shift. So for years I lived with it. Steadily over 20 years the weight gains became more and increased the size of the apron. So in 2005 I joined a gym with my sister. I lost heaps of weight but not that apron!! Then someone suggested a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty...

  • JJ, Melbourne
    Facelift & Rhinoplasty Phuket 2014

    Michele ...Again, thank you for all your help. I am really feeling the benefits of the Absolute Post Op Support especially!! I wouldn't have found a great surgeon like Dr Rushapol without your help. And to hand the assistance of Unchelee during my stay was priceless. I think that some patients misunderstand the importance of hiring a facilitator to guide them through the process of having surgery in another country, the language barrier, finding a reputable surgeon and accommodations in a peaceful environment to heal in and now to have post op support...

  • KM, NSW
    Bariatric Sleeve Gastrectomy KL 2014

    Having being overweight my whole life, I decided to do something about it - but I knew I couldn't do it on my own, I needed help. Researching weight loss surgery online, I soon realised that I couldn't afford to have the surgery in Australia, so I started to look for places I could have it done overseas. I was concerned about whether or not a hospital outside of Australia would have the same standards as an Australian hospital. I contacted Michele at Absolute Bariatric Asia, and she answered all my questions. I was able to meet with Michele before...

  • B, WA
    Breast Surgery Bali 2014

    My experience with Michele and her team in Bali was excellent. Michele made regular contact with me throughout the whole process beginning to end, including follow ups post surgery. The support team in Bali was great and I'm glad they were there to ensure I was at my appointments and hospital on time and to ensure I was cared for post surgery. Bali Royal Hospital was one of the best hospitals I have ever been in, Dr Vivi and the medical team were fantastic. I highly recommend ABA, Michele and her team and having surgery in Bali.

  • CI, SA
    Face Lift Bali 2014

    Thanks for your follow ups and emails Michele. Yes, 5 months & all is going well or perhaps I should say.. as I expected. Many of the numb areas are going & the tingling sensations are returning to the normal feeling which is weird, but I do massage the areas & use a good moisturiser, so it is looking very good.I have no regrets in having the procedure done & the professionalism of the entire experience was excellent. I knew as soon as I met Dr Vivi that she would do a great job - such a gentle nice person. There is not one thing I can complain...

  • AG, NSW
    Dental Veneers Bali 2015

    Just wanted to say thanks. The dentist at BIMC was awesome and today's treatment cost just over $400. I have another treatment next week which should be about $300 which brings my total up to @$1000 inc your fee. I honestly thought it was going to cost me over $4000 but it was so cheap!!!! Can't thank you enough for all your help and advice :-)

  • KJ - QLD
    Breast Reconstruction & Dental Restoration, KL 2015

    A heartfelt thank you to you Michele. You put in so much hard work just to make this all happen for us and we are truly grateful. Your team here in KL is outstanding. Ros has really looked after us brilliantly going over and above what we expected. We couldn't have coped without her here. We have loved it here in KL and I am plannin g for my next trip ... for other 'touch ups'. Just don't tell anyone yet! tee hee! The dentist has done an amazing job. I was in tears when I saw myself...I can't describe to you what this has done for my self-confidence...

  • WF,Melbourne
    Dental Implants & Oral Rehabilitation 2105

    Hi Everyone, this is my second visit to the Imperial Dental Specialist Centre and I cannot give it higher enough praise!! It is a well organised, ultra-modern dental surgery/clinic. The staff are all friendly and very helpful to all their clients. Dr. How Kim Chuan & Dr. Arlena Philip Lee are so so professional and well trained in their skills of dentistry. Every procedure is checked and doubled with each other to make sure that the dental procedure is completed correctly and if there are any problems, it is thoroughly discussed and explained to you before anything...

  • BT, VIC
    Bariatric Weight Loss 2015

    Hi all at ABA... I wanted to write to you and your readers to let them know of my experience and surgery in Malaysia â€" KL that I booked with ABA. I'm a 58 year old woman who has had weight issues all my life. In retrospect I recognise that as a child I wasn't overweight, rather a sturdy well built child however, I was constantly told (By my brothers) that I was ''big". As I got older and did put on weight, somehow I saw this as normal for me and allowed weight gain to continue. I wasn't obese, just overweight, until that is, I started my family...

    Bariatric Weight Loss 2015

    Hi Michele, I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much my mum and I appreciated ABA & Ros's services whilst we were in KL. Ros was fabulous and visited me everyday, accompanying me to all of my appointments. Her nature was very caring and she is very reliable. Both myself and my mum felt very comfortable both before my surgery and after because of Ros. In my opinion she really is fabulous ather job! Dr. Gee is the best and nicest surgeon I have ever met. So caring and insightful. He even gave me his whatsapp no. to msg him whilst he was in Japan if I needed anything...