At Absolute Bariatric Asia we will make all your surgical bookings and in country services arrangements for you so you don’t need to worry about anything.

ABA will make your accommodation arrangements based on your surgeons recommended length of stay. We limit the number of patients at any one time to ensure that you receive the full support and care needed during your stay.

From the moment you are collected at the airport, checked in at your hotel, cared for during your treatment, supported during your recovery to being returned safely home … you can rest assured knowing we have serviced hundreds of patient during the past 10 years.

Your health and well being during your stay is important to us and of course so is a speedy and supported recovery. In each destination we have trained attendant carers who will oversee and assist you during your stay to ensure your surgery and planned stay goes as smoothly as possible. These caring angels will be there to assist you through any difficult times and can be your life line if you are nervous or stressed – taking the worry out of any concerns you may have. 

Generally your in country services will include the following but may vary slightly for each destination and this will be included in you country quotation:
  • Welcome Briefing by ABA support staff at your hotel on arrival or the next day
  • Transfers from Hotel/Hospital/Hotel for admission and discharge
  • Assistance at Admission and Discharge
  • Hospital Visitation if admittance is for more than 1 night
  • 24/7 emergency phone assistance
  • 3 in hotel attendant visitations after hospital discharge (dressing check, clothing assistance, personal care assistance as needed – no wound dressing is undertaken)
  • Post Care Information by ABA support staff
  • Farewell Briefing