Welcome to wonderful Bali Royal Hospital. The beauty of Bali has been well known not only because of the nature and culture but also by the hospitality of the people. At Bali Royal Hospital (BROS as it is affectionately referred to) you will find this same welcoming feeling as soon as you enter.

Bali Royal Hospital – affectionately known as BROS, is in Renon – Denpasar which is known as the civic centre of Bali and allows for easy access by patients. This is an Australian Accredited new and modern boutique hospital opened in July 2010.  A fully equipped surgical hospital with 100+ surgical beds and offers several centres of excellence, two of which are Bariatric Weight Loss and Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive surgery.

BROS has three levels of ward rooms and for short stays we use our Queen Rooms. If you are having a longer stay or have someone staying with you, then you can elect to stay in either the King Rooms or the Majesty Rooms. On seeing these beautifully equipped apartment ward rooms which are second to none for comfort and fully supported recovery you will be so pleased to have chosen to have your surgery here. 

Your apartment room at the hospital leaves you feeling you are in a private hotel with minimal evidence of your surgical equipment. If you do elect to have you family and friends to stay with you, they are provided with their own bed, lounge, and kitchen area within your room. Truly an amazing hospital set up.

BROS is the hospital base for our Bariatric Weightloss surgeon Dr Rusdi and also our Plastics  surgeon Dr Suka.

Mostly though, the feeling of the welcoming and comforting staff at BROs is what truly sets them apart for their care, warmth and support during your surgery stay.

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