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Bariatric Weight Loss

We now offer Bariatric Weight Loss surgery in both Malaysia and Bali so that you can achieve your ideal body weight and regain your health and fitness. You will be given a thorough screening during your enquiry to ensure the right weight loss treatment is set for you.

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You can have full confidence in your surgeon knowing that ABA only refer to surgeons who are fully qualified and are both nationally and internationally accredited. All CV's are available to you as well as previous patients testimonials who have already undergone their treatments.

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We have surgical options available to you ranging from General Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Bariatric, Orthopaedic, Lasik, Maxillofacial and all Cosmetic Services. We can make a treatment enquiry for you for most of the surgeries that you would expect to have at home.

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Payment Plan

Many people can not afford private insurance or want to wait on public health waiting lists – then we provide reference to a fully accredited finance company where you can discuss in private your medical needs and finance options.

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The destinations we have selected to refer our clients have a known success track record in excellence of standards and services that match or exceed what you would expect locally. All are minimal accredit to ASA and most are higher accredited to further international standards meeting their yearly re-accreditations.

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Everyone has so many questions and it is our duty of care to you to ensure that you fully informed about your choice to have surgery or treatment with us. Please review our FAQ and if your concern is not listed then please do contact us. No questions is too small and reassurance is the key to a confident decision.

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