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Helping you achieve your health dreams through Weightloss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery

OK, so you are just fed up with being fed up.  Feeling trapped inside a body that you don’t like.  Health issues and medical risks staring you in the face.  

Then it really is time to take action.  You have one Life.  By the time you are consider having surgical intervention for your weight problems you may have found that exercise and dieting alone has failed you and you are now either extreme or excessively obese.

Skin Recovery Surgery

So, you have done the right thing, taken control of your health, lost weight, healthy BMI …and now what – you look like this!!

Many people who lose weight after years of obesity can end up with loose skin folds that cannot be lost through exercise. You can feel disappointed and frustrated at gaining your health back but now having to deal with a whole new range of issues – mainly excessive skin.

Dental General & Plastic Surgery

We have surgical options available to you ranging from General Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Bariatric, Orthopaedic, Lasik, Maxillofacial and all Cosmetic Services. 

We can make a treatment enquiry for you for most of the surgeries that you would expect to have at home.


What you need to know

Welcome to the Absolute Bariatric & Beauty Asia Medical Facilitation website. We hope you enjoy reading through the information we provide, and we look forward to assisting you to make your dreams come true. We have resourced the best fully qualified surgeons, accredited hospitals and quality accommodation options to ensure your journey is a life changing experience from start to finish. Our service and attention to detail sets us above our competitors.

ABA is an MHTC accredited Medical Facilitation Company assisting clients to have safe successful medical services overseas. We have a long and successful 12 plus years of experience, knowledge, and industry reputation.  Our role is to ensure that you know all about the surgery you are seeking, that you understand the risks involved, feel confident and informed about your treatment.

Whatever surgery you are enquiring about we will provide you will information, answer your questions and ensure you are well informed about the decision you are about to make.

By the time you come to enquire with us you have probably researched, read, and investigate so much already about the treatment you want.  So what’s next?

When you first enquire, we will issue you with a “ballpark” quote that gives you all the costs and charges you need to understand before you go any further.  We will arrange a time to chat about what you want, what information you are seeking and to ensure that the surgery you want is appropriate for you.

We will guide you through the process of seeking a surgeon’s review and personalise a costing for you based on what your surgeon recommends and regarding your own medical presentation.  From there the decision is up to you.

Once you book your surgery you will need to pay the initial deposit to cover your administration, booking and services costs.  We will allocate a suitable date and begin to process your life changing journey.  All of your transfers, hotel, surgeon and hospital medical arrangements is all taken care of for you.  We will guide you in how to book your flights and how to affect any other items such as insurance and hospital payments.

You will have a nursing pre-screening assessment with our SRN to ensure we have covered off all items and for you to chat about any concerns you may have.   Your consultant will cover off all of the documentation with you before you depart and to make sure you are fully aware of everything before your departure.

Well it is time to jet off and begin your journey – this must be the most nerve racking but exciting and brave thing you will do. You will be met at the airport by either a member of The Malaysia Heath Travel Council or a member of our team who will expedite your arrival through customs and guide you to your transfer agent.  This will either be a hotel transfer vehicle or an ABA client service manager.

Once at your hotel your client service manager will go through a welcome brief and outline your stay – they will have all of your final arrangements in hand as they will be working closely with your surgeon.  They will assist you with check in/check out at hotels, hospitals, medical appointments, shopping, medication, complications or concerns– anything that you need during your stay.  Your CSM is your Gopher !!

It seems that all of our patients fall in love with their CSM – this person walks that intimate journey with you.  Whether it is weightloss treatment of plastic surgery – they are there for you and it can be hard to let them go. But the time will come to say goodbye and return home.

When you get home your consultant will call and begin further communications during the coming months.  You are encouraged to chat and ask questions and get involved in our FB family.  Any concerns are usually cleared up straight away and before you know it you are sharing recipes and encouraging others to take the leap of faith.  There is lots of support and encouragement from our past clients to keep you inspired.

Some of you need may need a bit more time to adjust and if this is you – that’s ok.  But you will need to access a local dietician if your challenges are ongoing. We highly recommend that you engage your own GP and dietician to make the transition safer and more supported.